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Another Thursday, another tag post! This time I have been tagged by the lovely Molly at Molly Marcelle to share 50 Things That Make Me Happy. Please head over to her page and show her some love, she is a fantastic book blogger with a beautiful site. I think this is such a great idea for everyone to get involved in as, no matter what sort of time you’re going through, you are forced to contemplate the good in your life and the things that you are grateful for.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Treating myself to a Starbucks – a caramel, oat milk latte to be exact.
  2. Binge-watching a tv series with my mum – we are currently loving Hell’s Kitchen.
  3. Being organised – with to-do lists, schedules, etc.
  4. Bubble baths before bed.
  5. Christmas-scented candles, e.g. Gingerbread, Cinnamon.
  6. Having discussions with people about important issues and knowing that they care about these too.
  7. Being completely shocked by a twist in a book/film, having not seen it coming at all.
  8. Pretty notebooks.
  9. Not messing up my eyeliner when getting ready for a night out.
  10. Prosecco.
  11. My cat, Arya – named after the elf in Eragon.
  12. My dog, Rona – named before we got her as she is a rescue.
  13. Being the passenger on a long-distance drive with good music on to sing/dance along to.
  14. Finding a new tv series to be obsessed with – currently, it’s Jane the Virgin (yes, I know it’s a crime that I haven’t watched it before now).
  15. Fluffy socks.
  16. Cosy hoodies.
  17. Waking up fresh after a messy night out.
  18. Finishing a long-assed shift at work.
  19. Ordering something from a websites like BooHoo and Pretty Little Thing and having it turn up looking exactly like the photo.
  20. Coming home from work to dinner having been made for me.
  21. My brother’s hilarious impressions of celebrities/people we know.
  22. Finding money in a pocket/bag/purse you didn’t realise you had.
  23. Someone playing with my hair while I fall asleep.
  24. When a book that started off boring/uninteresting ends up being one you love.
  25. Cuddles from my dad.
  26. Listening to music I used to love when I was younger, e.g. S-Club 7, Steps.
  27. Waking up with clear skin.
  28. A new pair of converse.
  29. Victoria’s Secret underwear – not the sexy kind, just the PINK stuff that I swear is the most comfortable underwear to grace the Earth.
  30. Nude lipstick.
  31. A well-written horror story – too many are all about the fright-factor nowadays, I like a good storyline, like ‘The Others’ or ‘The Haunting of Hill House’.
  32. Completely spontaneous days – the ones where you didn’t plan on doing anything but out of the house, making the best memories.
  33. Seeing results after working hard at the gym.
  34. When people are genuinely interested in/impressed by my blogging if I actually decide to share it with them, rather than mocking it or seeing it as a waste of time.
  35. Coming home after a walk in the rain and getting cosy on the sofa in my jammies with a cup of tea and a good movie.
  36. Surprising people I love with acts of kindness/little gestures/gifts.
  37. Actually remembering to wear my watch to work.
  38. Christmas jumpers.
  39. Sentimental gifts.
  40. When a book/film/tv series lives up to the hype.
  41. Scrunchies.
  42. Decorating a room and having it look just how I wanted – not painting or anything but furnishing it and adding ornaments, etc.
  43. Waking up after a night out to find I actually managed to take my make-up off before passing out.
  44. Sticking to healthy eating for longer than a day.
  45. Freshly shaved legs.
  46. Days spent visiting all of the charity shops in a town with my mum.
  47. Rewatching a film and noticing things that I didn’t before.
  48. Will Ferrel – the best thing I can do if I’m down is put on one of his films, particularly Step Brothers because it’s an absolute classic.
  49. Serving a genuinely nice customer at work.
  50. Putting my dog on my knee in the car and watching her gaze excitedly and curiously at the world outside the window.


This post was more difficult than I imagined it would be. I know the overarching things that make me happy in life – such as my family, friends, and pets – but trying to think of all the little things that make me happy that don’t particularly register each time proved more difficult. It is yet another reminder of how lucky I am to live the life I do in the circumstances I have found myself in. What makes you happy? Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments below!


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