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Blog Tour | The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates

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I am super excited to declare that I am now an honourary member of the Kooky Kids Club! Please see evidence below…



I am a lover of notebooks, a buyer of notebooks, a hoarder of notebooks but I never seem to use the entirety of them. I go into shops like Paperchase and The Works and I just can’t help myself when I see a pretty notebook, my hands work of their own accord, picking it up and carrying it to the checkout to be bought. Reluctantly (yet excitedly), I hand over the money. Funnily enough, the creation of my blog has seen me use my notebooks more than ever before as I strive to keep track of blog posts and books to be reviewed; track my followings, and utilise daily to-do lists. Perhaps 2019 will see the completion of a notebook!

As for the TV thing, there are no excuses. I do not, and do not claim to, have any form of OCD but we all have our little things that irritate us. Some people need their pictures to be straight, others need their ornaments to line up exactly on the mantelpiece, I require my television volume to be on an even number or multiple of five at all times. Sometimes my brother will purposely leave the volume on 23 or such like and watch me squirm for a while before giving up and putting it to a suitable volume number.

Blog Tour


I am beyond excited to be taking part in the Digital Reads Blog Tour for Robbie Yates’ The Kooky Kids Club. My review will be live on December 8th but the tour will run from the 3rd to the 8th and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s opinions.

Do you like the sound of this book? Are you looking forward to the blog tour? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Blog Tour | The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates”

  1. Awww India this is simply superb… Such a beautiful post. You made me long to rush out and buy a book or 4…it was in my mind, now I am longing for it 😜 I am so glad you are part of this sweet tour of Robbie’s book…❤️

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